Penis Extension, "Horror Surgeon" and Voting for People with Disabilities

The methods of penis extension are not effective, a family accuses the "surgeon of the horror" of the death of a patient and Paris facilitates the vote of people with intellectual disabilities. Here is the essence of the news.

Penis extension methods are actually not effective and dangerous

For men complexed by the size of their penis, this can be a solution: to go through a "penoplasty" of lengthening or widening of the penis. But this surgical procedure, like other methods frequently used to enlarge the male sex, is far from being really effective. In any case, this is the conclusion drawn by researchers who have screened 17 studies on surgical and non-surgical treatments for penis enlargement. The research therefore evaluated a total of 21 procedures in 1,192 men, 773 of whom were followed by nonsurgical (248 men) or surgical (525 men) treatment. First observation made: the vast majority of men wishing to increase the size of their sex had in fact a penis of normal size ... To read more, click here.

"Surgeon of the horror" in Grenoble: a family accuses him of the death of a patient

The revelations about the damage caused by Dr. V. do not end. While last week, The Parisian claimed that 33 alleged victims of the "horror surgeon" were meeting to collectively expose their grievances vis-à-vis this specialist back practitioner, the newspaper now gives the floor to the relatives of Christmas. Deceased in November 2017 following his operation, this 73-year-old man was also Dr. V's patient. Today, his family accuses the surgeon of having caused his death because of his professional misconduct. "My father is no longer here to talk about all this suffering, so we speak on his behalf to say how his life ended, in a slow agony, for me this surgeon drove my dad to death," he says. so the Christmas girl, Cécile, at Parisian. It all starts in November 2016 ... To continue reading, click here.

European elections: Paris facilitates voting for people with intellectual disabilities

While the European elections will be held Sunday, May 26 in France, mentally disabled people will have more facilities to vote in the city of Paris. Currently, "we do not know if we should take an envelope or not.They leave us there like that without helping us", tells France Info Lucette Blanquart, suffering from a mental handicap and administrator of the association "Nous aussi". The capital has been working for six months with various associations to facilitate the vote of people with mental or psychological disabilities, autistic syndrome or intellectual disability. This "unique feature" includes "falc" posters (easy to read and understand) at each polling station, officer training, suitable voting booths, Braille lists and educational video for voters. We tell you more in our article.

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