Val-d'Oise: 7500 people accidentally written off Health Insurance

7500 inhabitants of the Val d'Oise have been removed from the Health Insurance and thus deprived of their rights by mistake.

In the Val d'Oise, 7500 people were removed from the Health Insurance under the Universal Health Protection (PUMa), created by Article 59 of the Social Security Financing Act for 2016 to simplify the changes situation of the insured. Precisely, this reform must "simplify the life of the insured, ensure the continuity of rights to the assumption of health costs, reduce to the bare necessities of administrative procedures and guarantee more autonomy and confidentiality to all insured in the taking in charge of their health costs ".

A mistake by the CPAM

But in order for this new measure to be put in place by the end of 2019, the health insurance funds (CPAM) of the various departments must verify the professional activity and / or the location of the "stable and regular" residence of 45 million insured. If the majority of these checks were done automatically by crossing data and files, that of a million people must be done by postal mail. That's the rub.

A first letter requesting the supporting documents of their professional activity and / or residence was sent to these insureds, who had a period of two months to respond. Otherwise, a second reminder is sent to them. Without a response from them again, the health insurance fund deprives them of their rights to reimbursement of health costs.

In all, 125,000 people deregistered

This is what happened for these 7500 people, but problem: after conducting an internal investigation, the Val d'Oise case found that the reminder was not sent to them. "The rights of all these people will be reopened very quickly and if they had expenses to advance during their temporary cancellation, we will take care of them, of course", reassures in the Parisian the director of the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), Nicolas Revel. However, he said, "there is only in the Val-d'Oise that there was a problem, insists the director.It is a box on 101".

In detail, says Nicolas Revel, "out of 45 million rights holders, 125,000 were written off," or 0.28% of insured. "People who no longer have a stable and regular residence on the territory." Among those who were slow to respond to letters and contacted us, 5000 have had their rights reopened.