Noise pollution: the noise makes lose 11 years of healthy life to Parisians

According to an alarming report by Bruitparif, the noise observatory in Île-de-France, noise pollution from road, rail or air traffic in the region has a direct impact on the health of its inhabitants.

Noise from cars, planes or trains passing close to homes ... If you live in Île-de-France near a road with heavy traffic, railroad tracks or an airport, you may not be able to 'pay even more attention. However, these repeated and daily noise nuisances have a direct impact on the health of the inhabitants who suffer them. This is highlighted by a disturbing report by Bruitparif, the noise observatory in Île-de-France.

According to its findings, 90% of the 10 million inhabitants living in the "dense Paris area" are exposed to noise levels higher than the thresholds recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Result: in the region alone, 107,766 healthy life years are lost each year by its inhabitants, an average of 10.7 years for every Francilian. In the areas most exposed to noise, an individual can still lose another three years of healthy life, worries Bruitparif.

A considerable health impact

"The health impacts of noise exposure are twofold: impacts on hearing and so-called extra-auditory impacts," writes the observatory in its study. These hearing impacts "may affect the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear". Less known in the short term, intra-auditory impacts have consequences for cardiovascular health, the immune and endocrine systems. They can cause sleep disturbances, impaired cognitive function, unwanted pregnancy outcomes, but also effects on quality of life, mental health, and well-being.

According to Bruit Parif, "the noise of transport in the Paris conurbation is responsible for the order of 75,000 years of healthy life lost, every year", which represents a loss of 7.3 months per inhabitant on average at during a lifetime. This loss can even reach 18 months for the people most exposed to noise. Among the major health effects of exposure to environmental noise are sleep disorders, which account for 44,000 healthy life years lost each year. "Hearing discomfort is the second health effect with 30,000 healthy years of life lost per year," continues Bruitparif.

The noise of road traffic

Traffic noise is "the main source of morbidity, concentrating alone 85% of estimates of loss of years of life in good health in the Paris agglomeration". "The results of the study show that noise is much more than just an impairment of quality of life, it is a real health risk for people," says The world Bruitparif's director, Fanny Mietlicky. "It is high time that the authorities mobilize to fully integrate the fight against noise in their spatial planning and mobility policy, as well as the challenges of air quality and adaptation to global warming. The densification of cities, the growth of traffic, especially air traffic, and economic development will have to deal with this imperative of respect for the right of everyone to have a sound quality environment. "

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