Sexuality: one in two students do not use a condom

Only half of students routinely use a condom during sexual intercourse. A dramatic figure, which results in an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases.

Only 50% of students consistently use a condom during sexual intercourse, as do 80% of high school students, according to a survey commissioned by Smerep fromOpinion Way. 2000 young people were interviewed on the subject via an online questionnaire in May 2018.

Too little aware of the risks

In addition, 37% of students say they do not use a condom when their partner takes the pill. This "leads to think that they reduce the condom to the unique role of contraceptive means," says the body of social security in a statement. "The Smerep reminds us that wearing a condom is also and above all the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV-AIDS".
More specifically, with regard to HIV, young people are far too little aware of the risks. 7 out of 10 admit to never getting HIV every time they change partners, compared to 8 out of 10 last year. 58% of them actually consider that they have not taken sufficient risks. One in ten students and high school students also think that AIDS is easily cured today, which is completely false.

Young people are not the only ones to be careless

Young people are not the only ones to be reckless. Only 11% of men in Victoria Milan, one of the online platforms for people looking for extra-marital adventures, say that women with whom they have sex make them wear a condom. Although this is one of the 10 mandatory conditions imposed by women before acting out, it is not the most important.
"This 11% was calculated on a total of 21 developed countries where people are aware that it is important to protect oneself during sex, especially when it comes to extramarital affairs, in order to protect oneself against diseases. sexually transmitted, "worries Sigurd Vedal, founder and CEO of Victoria Milan.

The number of sexually transmitted diseases explodes

As a result, the number of sexually transmitted diseases is exploding in the country. In 2016, the number of people diagnosed with a Chlamydia infection was estimated at 267,097, a rate of 491 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the latest survey of Public Health France. A prevalence of infection is found in women (592/100 000 versus 380/100 000 in men). Young women aged 15-24 are the most affected, particularly in Ile-de-France and in the Overseas Departments.
Moreover, the data show that the number of diagnoses of chlamydia and gonococcal infection in 2016 has multiplied by 3 compared to the estimates for the year 2012. These pathologies, which are transmitted during unprotected sex, are highly contagious and can lead to serious complications (chronic pelvic pain, infertility, weakening of mucous membranes and increased risk of HIV infection, mother-to-child transmission ...). The latest report from UNAIDS recalls that new infections are on the rise in around 50 countries. In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the annual number of new HIV infections has doubled in the last 20 years.

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