Pregnancy: "The more smokers there are at home, the shorter the duration of breastfeeding"

According to a new study in Hong Kong, women exposed to cigarette smoke at home breastfeed less than those who are not.

Women are more sensitive to tobacco than men. Researchers even predict that in 2030, they will be 40% more likely to die of lung cancer. We know that tobacco affects all organs and hormones. It also affects women's practices, even when women are passive smokers. A study in Hong Kong shows that being in a smoking home reduces their breastfeeding time.

The more we smoke, the less we breastfeed

"In fact, the more smokers there are at home, the shorter the duration of breastfeeding," says Professor Marie Tarrant, Director of the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia. In conducting the study, the researchers found that more than a third of the participants - about 1,200 or so - had a partner, or another member of the household who smoked.

Transmission of nicotine

When a mother breastfeeds her child, nicotine is passed into breast milk. According to Marie Tarrant, it is for this reason that a smoking partner can affect the decision of the mother so that she does not breastfeed. The professor also discusses the likelihood that nicotine will decrease the amount of breast milk. One advice for not transmitting nicotine: that the whole household stops smoking before pregnancy.

More benefits than adverse effects

Cigarette smoke is bad for babies, that's obvious. They can contract, among other things, respiratory infections. But according to the findings of the study, breastfeeding is so beneficial to him, that it is better not to do without it. This practice is even beneficial for the mother. Decreased cardiovascular risks, risks of endometriosis or maternal diabetes are halved ... a number of studies have already demonstrated the benefits. If one or more people smoke in the home, the mother should just protect her baby from cigarette smoke.

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