A Russian tattooed on 90% of the body, has the penis and nipples removed

At the age of 32, Adam Curlykale made the decision to have the penis, testicles and nipples removed so that he could be tattooed in the only virgin places of his body.

His story has been around the world. A 32-year-old Russian chose to have his penis, testicles and nipples removed to get tattooed in the only parts of his body that were still virginal - too sensitive to support the needle design. To understand his decision, we must go back 10 years. At the time, Adam Curlykale, from Kaliningrad, suffers from colon cancer.

"Tattoos have allowed me to rediscover myself"

He survives, but the treatments depigment his skin. A situation that he lives badly. To get out of the depression and accept himself again as he is, he begins to get tattooed. Today, 90% of his body is covered in ink. Even the whites of the eyes and the eyeballs are. "Tattoos have allowed me to rediscover myself," he says, "I've seen myself beautiful, life is so short that I've stopped asking myself what tomorrow would be like, my favorite color has always been gray , in different shades and that's why my skin color is graphite ".

To finish the job, the one we nicknamed Mr Oréo decided to have the genitals and the nipples removed, to be able to push his approach to the end. He recounts his operation on social networks, which took place in Mexico, in the city of Gadalajara (Jardines Hospital), on July 14th. As a result of the intervention, Adam Curlykale said: "I just had a cancellation surgery, I had a lot of bleeding but thankfully, no need for a blood transfusion." Veronica (his girlfriend, Ed) is with me and she takes care of me. "

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Japanese man gets genitals removed for banquet

This extreme bodily modification, reserved for men, has a name: nullo, shortened to genital nullification (genital negation). It is practiced by asexual men (who do not feel sexual attraction or desire) or submissive homosexuals, transgender people or men wanting to be castrated - if castration is usually only for removal of the testicles, then happens that the penis the second.

One of the most famous nullos is Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese artist, an asexual activist who, in 2012, had his genitals removed, cooked them and served food at a public banquet, cannibalism not being a crime in Japan.

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