"Health in questions": the program that links the doctor to his patient

The world of health is boiling. Before the patients and health professionals are each in the street, our two sites, Why Doctor and Frequency M, have decided to associate and propose a joint issue, "Health Questions" which will be a new space single discussion, enjoying strong promotion.

Professionals are torn between innovation, which strikes at every door (medicine certainly but also biology, robotics, image analysis, data use and information technology) and the difficulty, sometimes the impossibility, of putting it in place.

Patients have the same impression: they are told about an Augmented Man along with loss of luck and two-speed medicine. With no dialogue between these two communities.

WhyDoctor.com receives nearly 3 million hits each month. Frequencemédicale.com is received by 120,000 doctors every day. "Health Questions" will be the synthesis of these two sources of information, in the form of a monthly program, available on both sites and our YouTube channel of Medical Frequency, which, with 4000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands de visionnage is the first French-language professional and professional health channel.

A challenge at the height of the problems

The bad news keeps coming down on the world of health. Yet never has the subject been so high in the concerns of our fellow citizens. The communiques of victories of medicine on a daily basis are legion. We live older, we die less of cancer (95% of childhood cancers are now defeated) and we begin to talk seriously about prevention and screening.

Alongside these advances, for which the French researchers have an important contribution, our emergencies become nightmarish, our hospitals are for some dilapidated, for the others occupied by burnout carers and our campaigns in full medical desertification. Doctor is a job that fascinates less and less. Dr. Internet and Gafa are gradually taking power.

Then there is the specter of two-tier medicine that almost all French people fear but which is already the rule in the United States. Or a low-cost medicine in English.

Yet, we know that the dialogue between the medical world and its patients is the solution to defuse most conflicts. The trust between the caregiver and his patient is in most cases a constant. We love his doctor ... We fear the system. This is why the message must go from one community to another. The tone of the professional debate is not the same as the discontent of the public.

Health in Questions will be the only forum for joint debate. A new show with major issues and for which our editorial staff will devote a lot of time and space. First issue "Cancer: Therapeutic revolution or loss of luck?" Wednesday, July 4th.