A girl, fed on chestnut milk, dies in Drôme

The parents were indicted for "ill-treatment resulting in death". The girl was fed with plant milks, including chestnut.

Did his unhealthy diet cause death? A 16-month-old girl died in the Drôme after being hospitalized for problems of malnutrition. Her parents, practicing Christians, fed her only with herbal milks, including chestnuts.

The other children also emaciated

The parents live in Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence, a town close to Valence. Legal proceedings have been opened against them. They are indicted for "ill-treatment resulting in death". The other children of the couple, also emaciated, were placed. The judicial process must determine the causes of the girl's death, as medical reasons could also explain it. A support committee has been created to defend the parents, it brings together about 150 people. They claim that the child could have been the victim of an overdose of anesthetic. Be that as it may, vegetable milk is not at all suitable for newborns, it does not contain the nutrients necessary for their growth.