Half of GPs refuse to be a doctor treating a new patient

More and more patients are struggling to find a doctor, according to a recent poll by Le Généraliste newspaper. The causes

More than half of general practitioners today refuse to be doctors treating new patients. This is the result of a survey conducted by Le Généraliste with 462 practitioners.
More specifically, 53% of respondents said "refuse to be the doctor treating new patients". The 7% of patients who do not currently have a treating physician are struggling to find one, which illustrates the demographic tensions in some territories where the generation of "Baby Boomer" practitioners is retiring.

Up to 20% without a doctor

10,000 of the 50,000 inhabitants of Laval, in the Mayenne, for example, would be without a doctor. "In Nevers, thousands of patients are without a doctor, it is an absolute disaster," says Dr. Thierry Lemoine, interviewed by Le Généraliste. "You must not leave anyone without a doctor. We can perhaps take more if the organization and coordination improve with the delegation of tasks ", analyzes the director of health insurance Nicolas Revel.

Establishment of derogations

To compensate for the lack of treating doctors, certain territories set up derogations. The CPAM of Burgundy allows the practitioners of Pontarlier to rate the consultations as emergencies - 25 euros - to allow their patients to be reimbursed as if they were their doctor. Provisional solutions pending a necessary reorganization of care.